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by kochu
Fri Mar 11, 2016 1:40 pm
Forum: Astrophotography
Topic: Balcony Shooting @ Bedok Reservoir
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Re: Balcony Shooting @ Bedok Reservoir

Nice Images Wind
by kochu
Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:07 am
Forum: Astrophotography
Topic: My Astrophotography Progress (in random order)
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Re: My Astrophotography Progress (in random order)

Great shot of plane and eclipse.
by kochu
Sat Mar 05, 2016 4:24 pm
Forum: General Astronomy
Topic: Einstein Simplified
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Einstein Simplified

US Student wins 250 Grand for explaining Einstein's theory.
by kochu
Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:53 am
Forum: Equipment Discussions
Topic: Explore Scientific-Losmandy G-11 ES Mount
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Explore Scientific-Losmandy G-11 ES Mount

Losmandy G 11 is going to get a new life. Explore scientific has paired with G-11 and provides its own Open ended Goto soft ware (PMC-Eight) driving Stepper motors , instead of Current Servomotors. Since the Software is open the scope for improvement is good. May be one day EQMOD can be adapted to d...
by kochu
Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:51 am
Forum: General Astronomy
Topic: Astronomy Technology Today
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Astronomy Technology Today

I have been subscribing to Astronomy Technology Today for last few years . I have received the following mail from them. This is just in case any of you are interested. Kochu/15-2-16 ============== ASTRONOMY TECHNOLOGY TODAY Your Complete Guide To Astronomical Equipment Dear KochuMadhavan I am pleas...
by kochu
Sun Jan 24, 2016 1:31 pm
Forum: General Astronomy
Topic: 10th Planet Predicted !
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Re: 10th Planet Predicted !

Hi Richard,

It is time to put your 22 inch DOB to full use... [smilie=ahaaah.gif] [smilie=ahaaah.gif] [smilie=ahaaah.gif]

by kochu
Wed Jan 13, 2016 6:24 pm
Forum: Astrophotography
Topic: DSO imagery from Mersing
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Re: A collection of winter objects

[smilie=admire.gif] [smilie=admire.gif] [smilie=admire.gif]
by kochu
Tue Jan 12, 2016 9:56 am
Forum: Astronomy Events & Observation Sessions
Topic: 22-Inch Dob Observation Session at Sedili - 9 Jan 2016
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Re: Observation Session at Sedili - 9 Jan 2016

Thanks Richard for the trip.

Views through the Giant DOB is really awesome [smilie=admire.gif] [smilie=admire.gif] [smilie=admire.gif]

by kochu
Tue Dec 29, 2015 10:55 am
Forum: Astrophotography
Topic: Astrophotos for International Speakers
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Re: Astrophotos for International Speakers

Hi Weilin, Some of my images taken entirely from Singapore are below. You can choose any if you like it. If you need any details of Image , acquisition , equipment or processing, I can provide them. Brgds Kochu/29-12-15 http://www.singastro.o...
by kochu
Thu Dec 10, 2015 10:23 am
Forum: Astrophotography
Topic: M42 in HA from Singapore
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Re: M42 in HA from Singapore

Nice details Ivan [smilie=admire.gif]