Venus Transit Twitter Hashtag #VenusTransitSG

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Venus Transit Twitter Hashtag #VenusTransitSG

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Hi Friends.

For those of you who are using Twitter, on the actual day of Venus Transit, it will be good if you can use the hashtag #VenusTransitSG to report the sky conditions and the latest updates at the event(s) you are currently attending.

Those who do not wish or cannot tweet, can use this hashtag to monitor where are the clear sunny sky locations in Singapore and can thus make a quick dash there to catch a glimpse of this rare astronomical phenomenon. And similarly to avoid cloudy, badly overcrowded places, or if you see people using unsafe methods of viewing the Sun or unethical salesmen trying to sell fake solar glasses. So if twitter follower is nearby, they can go there to advise them not to do so.

To do that, just log in to your free twitter account and type in #venustransitsg in the search box.

For those who are running events, this will also be a very efficient way for you to manage any last minute issues in and around your event area. You may create another hashtag specific to your event venue and use *both* hashtags in your tweets to make it easy for everyone else.

For example,

(1) #VenusTransitSG and #VenusNUS for NUS Faculty of Science event.
(2) #VenusTransitSG and #VenusGCC for Galaxy Communit Club event.
(3) #VenusTransitSG and #VenusSSC for Singapore Science Center event.
(4) #VenusTransitSG and #VenusBishanPark for our mini gathering at the park.

So when someone searches for #VenusTransitSG, they will have a good chance to find out ALL the event venues. And those who are looking for a particular known event using a event-specific hashtag may find it more convenient to go to another previously unknown to them event location which is nearer to their home or workplace.

Once your followers starts to retweet this hashtag and their followers start to retweet to theirs and so on, this may have a good snowball publicity effect for more people in Singapore to know about these events and going there to participate in time, regardless of whether the mainstream media will publicise it or not the day(s) before.

Let's make this hashtag trend in Twitter in Singapore that day! :)
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