Can Solar Activity Cause Earthquakes?

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Can Solar Activity Cause Earthquakes?

Post by Gary »

Hi Friends. For those who are interested in this topic, you may find this article interesting. Else, please just ignore it as unscientific coffee-talk material.

Can Solar Activity Cause Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Extreme Weather? ... uence.html
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Post by Clifford60 »

Thanks Gary for the link.

Luckily I am open minded in Mr Chia's post on the possibility of such event. Now, I am aware that many gurus are studying in details what so called Mr Chia "voodoo" observation. Hope these gurus will come out with their final conclusion soon.

One just can't be too sure due to one lack of real knowledge. Although one lack of real knowledge will not caused extreme weather to our mother planet; Earth, but for sure it can cause an extreme storm in the tea cup. :P

Last but not least, thank you Mr Chia for bring me to this knowledge and sorry for been skeptical about the linkage in your post. Are your observation in this field inspired by the earlier articles mentioned in Gary provided link?

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Post by superiorstream »

Hi,Clifford 60
This reply is specially dedicated to you and all with a open mindset--
No,I didnt even know the article exist,but way back in the 80s when in the Graduate school in the US,we had discuss such topics and many more "unthinkable ideas" and its physical support/evidences.Thats how new research ideas come into being---we dont insult one(like which infamous u you come from etc) another but will try to argue our case according to mathematical analysis,physical data,chemical analysis and most important experimental/actual occurance evidences.;and thats the way to go in research.You will be surprise at the new ideas that evolve.
As for this earthquate--solar activities relationship-not surprise;my understanding is that they are NOT the cause of earthquate,but due to the rise in solar activities,the increase in energy output from the sun ;perhaps increase in emission of ???? particles ,underground current induced on earth,all helps the ENERGY RELEASE process and hence the earthquate.The analogy is that when a box/arrangement is in unstable equilibrium and when you give it just an "small" push it collapse.
Well,as for the energy source(particle source),the emphasis is on the--CONTINUOUS BAND ACTIVITIES ON SUN(during solar maximum only) or strong solar flares;not just band activities .A CONTINUOUS BAND of brightening on the sun mean an area of at lease 15-30/180 of the TOTAL area facing earth affected and actual calculation indicates that an INCREASE in temperature of say 1000 degrees in such areas will double the radiation/energy leaving it per second and if you sub. in the actual fig you will be shock.
Finally,as you can see from the article,they only present supporting actual cases and a FULL UNDERSTANDING THEORY AS TO "scientific"CAUSE,absent.

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Post by superiorstream »

Thanks Gary for the link too and if the thread still didnt get deleted I will submit a photo of such brightening around sunspot 1295-96 days before its rise in activities today--as reported in spaceweather.The idea is that this can be a warning system way before something happens and thats save lifes;monetary loss.

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Post by Clifford60 »

With agencies, academies and scientists behind this studies, I don't see why it should get deleted. Personally I feel that it should be move out of Coffee corner to educate us the less informed and what Singlish called the "Sotong". :lol:

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Post by stargazer »

I had actually came across such article years back, though can't recall the conclusion then. As we are so near to the sun, I believe there should be some impact on us from any sun's activity. If the moon can impact Earth (e.g. tides), why can't the sun?

This is why we should always keep an open mind.

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Post by Airconvent »

That was the premise for the film 2012. But in reality, I believe this may have been a major factor earlier on in the earth's formation but our earth's condition has already stabilized this late into its life, hence the effects would have been insignificant, even if its true. Also, our Earth is coolling and will continue to do so for next few billion years, so the volcanoes and earthquakes which are caused by the movement of our molten core can only get lesser, not more as the earth ages.
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Post by acc »

superiorstream wrote:Thanks Gary for the link too and if the thread still didnt get deleted
superiorstream, your previous thread was never deleted. I think the position of the admin/mods with relation to the above has been repeated sufficiently: There is no reason for a thread to be locked if the following have been adhered to:
1) no personal attacks
2) no unqualified claims (an example: I noticed more solar activity yesterday and there is an earthquake/flood in China, therefore increased solar activity causes earthquakes/floods)
3) no unsavoury language.

Can I urge all of you to think carefully before you post and to debate in a civil manner so that this topic does not again erupt into another storm and create unnecessary acrimony in this forum? Also, as requested, this thread has been shifted into General Astronomy. I hope that it can remain there.

thank you
Chee Chien

[Note that the linked article presents a hypothesis that there could be a correlation between solar activity and earthquakes, and states that "Many in the scientific community remain deeply skeptical about whether such signals are indeed indicators of an approaching earthquake." So while we should be open minded, we also should not jump into conclusions.]
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Post by kingkong »

i'm not sure if my response will be to everyone's satisfaction, but i'll try my best...

i actually don't have too much problem with the linked article. it refers to studies & reports by others, it acknowledges conjectures as such, it never claim irrefutable correlation between solar activities & earthquakes even though the author is, imho, slanting towards that argument, but that's fair enough.

it's interesting that the article mentioned the 2008 earthquake in china. surely we all remember that 2008 was a year of solar minimal, a year when amateurs like me packed up our solar gears and put them in cold storage. and it's a matter of fact that there were quite a few memorable earthquakes in the past decade between 2001 and 2011 when solar activities were minimal. provides very good archive for reference.

at the same time, it pointed out the "huge signal" in the ionosphere prior to the may 12 quake, but it also acknowledged that NASA has known (for sometime already) that these kind of disturbances have been observed in the past, not related to solar activities, but rather assumed ("most likely" might be more accurate) to be from the earth upward. and it further said that no one has tested whether the reverse conjecture i.e. solar activities -> ionosphere disturbance -> earthquake is true. again, fair enough... sort of, esp on the reverse conjecture...

an article like this is very useful in bringing out more questions, spurs more researches and tests in specific areas, even if there is a slant, intentional or otherwise, it is all fair enough.

from the article, we can reasonably surmise the following:
could solar activities contribute to earthquakes on earth? may be.
if it does, how significant is the contribution? we really don't know yet. but we know for a fact that during the previous years of minimal solar activities (e.g. 2008) we had some of the worst/biggest/deadliest earthquakes in history.

so, if someone is to say "look at the activities in the sun! 2012 is nigh". it shouldn't be considered too nasty to [smilie=objection.gif]
even if there is to be an earthquake tomorrow (with the chains of activities along the pacific plates in the past months, that should not be so unexpected). but if someone is to insist causation between sun and that quake, then we can only... [smilie=angel.gif]

for the truly uninitiated who are interested to learn more. wiki has a fairly good coverage on correlation vs causation. if you think i intend this as an insult, just ignore the link. thanks.

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Post by superiorstream »

Hi,Clifford 60 ;Gary and other open minded Singastroians;
Just another example;well say it a coincidence if you dont accept it---March 9 2011--1st X class flare of sunspot cycle 24;march 11,the mag 9-10 Japan earthquate you know about.Another match.Why must I keep on repeating that STRONG;CONTINUOUS SOLAR ACTIVITIES are not the CAUSE;it acts somehow to trigger it.Even with no trigger,if too much pressure builtup,it will rupture on its own.;say that in 2008;Dont ignore this fact--I say a thousand times already;and our intention is not to get famous,but rather to save life;so for example you live in a earthquate prone zone and luckly none strike you for the past 50 yrs say;if solar activities suddenly picks up plus animals eg dogs,etc starts trying to run out of the house and ants starts to move up roof for no apparent reason;then watch out and put yourself in top alert setup.Just imagine how much more life is saved if people believe in it and stay alert.
If you dont believe then do as for normal;and good luck.
Finally here is the photos showing the bright region of sunspot 1295-1296.A continuous band I am talking about mean such bright region in the form of a band--just like Jupiter band--right ACROSS the sun--either in the north region or south region.Imagine how much extra energy liberated.
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