Solar Flares Aren't What They Seemed (Sky&Tel)

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Solar Flares Aren't What They Seemed (Sky&Tel)

Post by Gary »

Solar Flares Aren't What They Seemed (Sky & Telescope) by Jay Pasachoff, 12 Sept 2011 ... 54848.html

Extract: "Because of all the previously undetected energy hitting the top of the Earth's atmosphere, and after the unexpected delay, theories of how the Earth's ionosphere, a high level of our atmosphere, is created have to be reconsidered." (emphasis mine)
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Post by Clifford60 »

Remember during one huge peak some years back (well reported in the news), it seems like it didn't destroy anything from the Earth's man-made ring. May be the damages didn't get reported or I may have overlooked the news or may be the scientists worried too much and over-estimate the degree of potential damage.

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