Full Documentary: A Sidewalk Astronomer

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Full Documentary: A Sidewalk Astronomer

Post by weixing »

Someone put the full documentary on YouTube:

Highly recommended!!

Have a nice day.
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Post by rcj »

bookmarked for future viewing! should be a good one! thanks weixing!
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Post by Airconvent »

oh man..that really IS John Dobson! And that scope had so much "home made" oozing out and yet its presenting great views to very grateful passerbys. I did a check and he's already 96 years old! Wow...as old as the Andromeda Galaxy...almost.. [smilie=crying2.gif]
Thanks for sharing, Weixing..
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Post by shirox »

I actually click on the videos for star parties after that! thanks for sharing! lol

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Post by Sam Lee »

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