Lunar Eclipse

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Lunar Eclipse

Post by silolona »

Hello Everyone,

I am possibly looking for an Astronomer with good knowledge of Lunar Eclipse events.

We run a luxury sailing boat and will be in Papua, either Raja Ampat or Tidore and Ternate area to watch the next full Eclipse on March 9th.
We are looking for someone to be an expert speaker to join the trip :-)

It is not confirmed yet, but we are doing our best, would there be anyone interested?
Flight, room and board provided.

Hope this is the right forum, otherwise appologies.


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Re: Lunar Eclipse

Post by Grievous »

Doubt I fall in the expert category but we do have a lot of very knowledgeable members here that can do a far better job of explaining things.

Firstly though; On March 9th it will be a Solar Eclipse (Moon between Earth and Sun), not a Lunar Eclipse (Earth between Sun and Moon).
Secondly, due to the rolling action of the boat it will be hard to magnify the solar eclipse through a telescope. Your best bet will be a very calm sea and a very low magnification e.g. binoculars.

Too bad I am married with 2 young kids, would love to join the fun with my diving gear and a small binos!

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