School Astronomy Clubs in Singapore

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Yes is does not. The proposal has been handed in to the school by some students from the college section. Its approval is short of certain, only administrative matters remain.

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Hwa Chong again? Hmmm, years ago, their JC has one ... but closed down ...

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Republic Polytechnic

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Bedok View Secondary just set up a club in 2006.

Clarify: Bendemeer Sec does not have an Astronomy Club. They have a Science Club that runs the astronomy programme.
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Pioneer JC

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Last time i heard, PJC no longer have an astro club.

Sorry, astro club was restarted after i left, sorry for the confusion.
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Most schools don't have an full fledged astro club, but many have an astro section under their science clubs. Some just represent their schools in astro competitions, while some become more active and eventually buy a scope and end up having their own club.

VS astronomy club is not recognised by their school btw. They are still known as Science Society. The reason is simply because they can avoid the hassle of applying for a new club to be formed in school and still get the funding required.

I've seen the HCI astro club forums...either way, they are about to have a club very soon.

There's also Raffles Girl's Secondary School.

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hmm... Do u need the lists of school participating in the yearly NYP Astronomy Quizzes? That will show all the schools with astro club... lol :wink:

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Not really, Your school do not have to own scopes or have astro club to take part in the NYP Astronomy Quiz, some are just a section in their science club.

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hansgalaxy wrote:hmm... Do u need the lists of school participating in the yearly NYP Astronomy Quizzes? That will show all the schools with astro club... lol :wink:
Yes please, if you have the club president's names you can put down also.

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Re: School Astronomy Clubs in Singapore

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If I am not wrong, NUS High School (IP, sec + jc) also have an astro club.

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