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for most starters, i normally recommend a small scope, maybe a 3" refractor or a 5" cassegrain on the manfrotto 410/055 mount.

i suggest that b4 u jump right in and buy something, go take a look at wat other people are using, prehaps join some observation sessions and have a feel of wat the equipment are like.


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chrisyeo wrote:
jennifer1611991 wrote:I'm a complete newbie to this whole telescope buying thing.. In fact, i bought a $60 one and it was so bad except that it could make out the moon's craters:) I my dad wants to get me a proper one for my birthday so... Any ideas? =) Thanks very much!!!!
Hi Jennifer,

There is a telescope buying FAQ in our faq section. Have you read it already? You can also find it here: ... ngapore%3F

Wow, it's really useful! Thanks very much!:)

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Canopus Lim wrote:
Wed Aug 23, 2006 9:12 am
I have read that article. It is true that astronomy is about enjoying the stars, planets and universe. That is the main reason and not equipment. There are many fancy gadgets out there, and I have bought one which just cannot work till now since it is electronic. 4 months already! Anyway, I do not need to depend on such fancy equipment as I can find the objects myself. Therefore it boils down to how much passion one has or what one wants to see. If a small achromat stated in that article is enough, then that is good. It saves a lot of money too. :) If one wants to see more and go more deep, then that small achromat does not fit the bill as the deepsky will be real faint to see.

Lastly, there is another problem here in Singapore. That is the crappy weather and bright lights. I think many people want to be like Alfred to enjoy the stars, but it is very necessary to go overseas to do that. That is a big hindrance as some people may not be able to do that. A small achro can only see planets and the real bright DSCs here and probably many people will be disappointed with such views in Singapore. Even a big scope performs like a small scope (in dark places) in Singapore, but at least better than nothing if there is no opportunity to travel to other countries.
True.. I feel the same

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