Singastro In Sunday Times!

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Singastro In Sunday Times!

Post by kayheem »


Read a short snippet mentioning Singastro in today's Sunday Times Lifestyle (pg L10) showing a pic of some observers with their scopes and an astropic taken by our very own Remus!

Congrats Singastro (and Remus, of course)!

Way to go!

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Post by rcj »

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Post by Canopus Lim »

I also saw it too.

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Post by mrngbss »

That's cool!! How did it get there?
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Post by ariefm71 »

who's in the picture?

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Post by river »

Woow!! can tell me more about it? I only got the Chinese Paper..

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Post by hlyf »

It's quite a darn long article!! Full page!! >.<

About Pluto's demotion, how astronomy has grown as a hobby in Singapore over the years, some of the favorite ob sites of Singastroians, and how the internet has helped to boost interest in astronomy.

The stars in the picture are.. remus, mike/terry matthews, mr au, woei jiin, tengjie (neoterryjoe), and meng li (nus)

and yeah i'm also wondering, how did it get there?

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Post by weixing »

Hmm... Just wonder is it the work of Klutz's friend???

Have a nice day.
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Post by ariefm71 »

so, are we expecting a surge of new members here?

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Post by C0MMAND »

Hmm my family don't subscribe to the English papers.. Can someone scan the article or something and post it up? :wink:
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