Multi-OS Free Planetarium Software

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Re: Multi-OS Free Planetarium Software

Post by Gary »

Hi Shannon. I have just tested it and it's working beautifully! Thanks for creating and sharing it. This is screenshot from my Stellarium:


Hope your work will inspire more people to do similar landscapes for different locations in Singapore. This can be a very important tool to increase awareness of light pollution here and inspire more people to take action instead of just sitting back and complain.

Btw, is that patch of land still as vacant as it is seen from google maps now?
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Re: Multi-OS Free Planetarium Software

Post by Ekezial »

Thanks Gary, I updated this because i wanted to show my children the Constellations and yes the patch of land is still vacant. It's a great site for Obs but there are Commando mosquitoes there. You are absolutely right about informing people about light pollution, In fact I gave up the hobby after watching the pristine night sky in remote Atolls in French Polynesia where the milky way is so bright that it can cast your shadow on the ground. Makes you heart heavy when you can only see so little here in Singapore.

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Re: Multi-OS Free Planetarium Software

Post by Mibmom »

Hi OzmafaMup.

Welcome to the Astronomy community.
Congratulations on the purchase of a Reflector telescope.
You may want to join some of the Public Astronomy Sessions like at the Science Centre (Friday nights) and at Bishan park amongst others.

There are several free options of planetarium software.
1) On the PC you can use Stellarium (
2) On an Android you can use 'Google Sky Map' or Celestron's SkyPortal.

I hope this helps.
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