The Bennett Catalogue of Southern Objects

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The Bennett Catalogue of Southern Objects

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Several years ago, a skilled observer, Jack Bennett, in the likes of Charles Messier, drew up a list of fuzzy cometry objects, but based on the southern sky - 152 of them. The Bennett Catalogue is worth pursuing if you are an avid observer, beyond the popular Messier Catalogue. It still features 26 Messier objects within his catalogue, as well as notable NGC objects but in an organized fashion. Note also that almost half are globulars.

More information can be found here:

Bennett Catalogue Essay
Photon Bucket
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That's an interesting article! I've never heard of the Bennett catalogue before, though I recall reading references to Comet Bennett.

So the Bennett catalogue shall be another list of hits the next time I'm at a dark sky site in Johor, but I suppose only for objects less than about -70 degrees south.

I admire these visual observers who spend hours at the eyepiece and discover comets, supernovae, etc.

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