Exclamation Mark Formed in Space by 2 Colliding Galaxies

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! Sweet !
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On a reading of some info on the web, I think this galaxy pairing should be within the visual reach of amateur telescopes at our latitude (and at a dark-sky site).

It's catalogued as Arp 302 in Arp's Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, and also as UGC 9618 in the Uppsala General Catalogue of Galaxies.

Its listed as mag 11.3 and has an area of 1.6 arc minutes. Its in the northern constellation Bootes, with position at:

Right ascension 14 h 56 m 54 s
Declination + 24 ° 36 .0 ′

Seems to be just a few degrees from the orangish star Izar (epsilon Bootis), also known as Pulcherrima ('the loveliest').

Hmmm... I shall store these coordinates of the galaxy pairing in my LX90's controller. Hope to see it one day when next in Johor. In the meantime, I shall have to be content with just gazing at that 'loveliest' of stars.

I wonder if anyone on Singastro has seen this galaxy pairing before?

More info on this object here:


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