What's the dimest star you can see in your site?

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What's the dimest star you can see in your site?

Post by weixing »

To help me prepare my obs session, I went out tonight to determine what is the dimest stars I can see using naked eye in my observation site. The sky is quite ok before the cloud come in. Below is my finding:
1) Generally, all stars(except the brightest) below altitude 30 degree can not be seen.
2) Overall, stars brighter than magnitude 3.5 can be seen without problem.
3) The dimest star I can see is Epsilon Lyrae (the clearest part of the sky tonight) which is around magnitude 5.

So what's the dimest star can you see on your site??

Have a nice day.
Yang Weixing
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Post by Clifford60 »

I can see xCar (HIP54463 about 30 deg) mag 3.9 facing city light on reasonable sky, don't need perfect sky. It is the indicator for me to find NGC 3532.

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