Beijing Skies

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Beijing Skies

Post by Airconvent »

Was in Beijing or on MC the past 2 weeks :) :(
What was amazing was the whole time I was in Beijing, I only saw 1 star every night! Not a single other star to be seen although the moon was clear. Interesting that the moon looked slightly different than viewed from Singapore...haha.
There were a lot of aircraft trails in the evenings and sometimes they looked like comets!
And while it was not in the itinerary , I did pass by the old royal observatory with its dragon instruments! Saw it in the flesh! :)

This is what it should look like close up (courtesy of google image):


Info : ... bservatory
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Re: Beijing Skies

Post by bornfree »

the last time i went beijing, it was hazy every night.. moon was like an orange.. not only light polluted, but air polluted as well.
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