SCT destructive test

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SCT destructive test

Post by Hardwarezone »

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Re: SCT destructive test

Post by elessar »

That was nasty. Had to go and hug my C6 to reassure nothing bad will ever happen to it.

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Re: SCT destructive test

Post by Airconvent »

Goodness! I can't understand why there is a need to destroy such a fine OTA (10" or 12"?)!
Of course the corrector plate will break eventually. What's the point in verifying it ?
If they have so much spare cash, should give the OTA to me and I can submit a report with conclusion that the corrector WILL crack! :p
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Re: SCT destructive test

Post by MooEy »

They want to tell customer it's safe to put your big and heavy camera on the corrector.

"We’ve received numerous questions over the years about the strength of our Schmidt correctors when cameras are attached to them for astroimaging. This is an especially relevant topic now as our Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph and Starizona’s HyperStar are used more for astroimaging. We recently tested the weight capacity of a 14” Schmidt corrector on a C14. Weights were lowered by a pulley onto a camera adapter to determine the load capacity up to its breaking point. The result was astonishing."

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