Where to buy camera stuff in Bangkok?

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Where to buy camera stuff in Bangkok?

Post by kayheem »

Hi all,

I guess the subject line says it all.

I will be in Bangkok tomorrow and hope to get some bargains there if possible.

Any good night markets to get good quality soccer jerseys in Bangkok?

Kay Heem

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Post by weixing »

May be you can visit anat and check with him... :P

Have a nice day.
Yang Weixing
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Post by swimaniac »

You can try Suan Lam night market if they have not taken it down yet. Otherwise go to MBK Shopping Centre. They have Jerseys plus many more. If going to MBK, go there early in the morning around 10am. and bargain like mad. They will usually sell at a lower price as it is for them the 1st customer for the day . The ritual after that is that they will wave the money you gave them touching their mechandise as a sign of good luck for the rest of the day.
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Post by anat »

swimaniac, you know more than I do :)
Yes, you can find almost anything at MBK center.

I send you PM.

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Post by ariefm71 »

anat took me to the mbk camera shop last year. it's kind of peninsula plaza here.

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Re: Where to buy camera stuff in Bangkok?

Post by johnlee112 »

If you decide what is your budget and which brand camera you want to buy? Then you can also purchase it from online stores at a good price.

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