WTS : Pentax 75SDHF and MS-3N mount complete set

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WTS : Pentax 75SDHF and MS-3N mount complete set

Postby KKK26 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 11:07 am

Hard to find complete set. It is excellenet condition and collectible condition. Beautiful Japanese cuties.

Mount set: Looks new with shinning metal hardware. Didnt find any flaw except plastic knob crack at tripod leg adjustment fastener. Polar scope is working fine.

Scope set: Main scope lens is clear and pristine condition. Finder rear prism has some fungus


1) minor paint lost marks on scope body where attached to tube band.

2) Finder scope rear correct image prism has some fungus, probably able to clean it. I dont know how to dismantle and didn't take risk. Front objective lens is clear. Minor paint scratches at tube band area. come with front cap.

3) 2 nos of tripod leg fastener bolt are missing. remiaining fasterner plastic knob has minor crack due to aging. It is M8 bolt and can always be replaced with SS M8 thumb screw. will provide new SS screw 3 pcs if buyer needs

Package includes:

1) Pentax 75SDHF & 7x35 Finder. come with .96" EP holder.

2) MS-3N mount complete set (CW, Hand controller, Polar scope) with original aluminium box for mount set and canvas bag for tripod legs.

3) Free H.M 12.5mm EP (previous seller claimed Pentax but I dont think so since no marking on it)

Above set: $2500

Optional items

1) Pentax SMC Ortho O-18 EP with caps (no box), very good condition: $290

2) Pentax SMC Ortho O-6 EP with caps (no box), very good condition: $330

Take all above items: $3000

Pls ask for picture. 98five.5.8 six49
IMG_7207 - Copy.jpg
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IMG_7205 - Copy.jpg (36.7 KiB) Viewed 137 times
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