Pentax 100EDUF APO, Pentax diagonal (SOLD)

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Pentax 100EDUF APO, Pentax diagonal (SOLD)

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1) Pentax 100EDUF APO with 7x35 CI-F finder and finder bracket ($1800)

Hard to find Pentax 100EDUF D =100mm, F= 400mm SMC ED APOCHROMAT astronomical telescope in very good condition. Pentax helical focuser is solid & smooth, and additional Pentax 67 focuser is attached for easy fine focusing. Borg 1.25" EP holder is at the rear end.

Main scope: No major defects and paint lost etc, lens is clear, may have small amount of dust as it is used scope.
7x35 CI-F finder scope (with both cap and finder bracket): rear lens has some fungus, didn't see much impact on viewing.

Aperture: 100mm
Focal length: 400mm
Number of lenses: 4 elements in 4 groups
Useful power: 204 x
Filter diameter 105mm
Size 115mm (maximum diameter) x 472mm (length)
OTA weight: 3.9 Kg

2) Pentax 1.25" diagonal and extension tube ($200)

Seldom come up for sale Pentax diagonal in new condition. Diagonal fits Pentax original focuser visual back and EP holder is 1.25" size
Diagonal: new with box (part no.DP-317/70523)
Extension tube: Used in very good condition
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