WTB: cheapo 1.25" barlow

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WTB: cheapo 1.25" barlow

Post by orly_andico »

actually what i need is the 1.25" eyepiece holder at one end, and the 1.25" barrel at the other end (the barlow itself usually screws into the 1.25" barrel like a fat filter).

basically i am bolting together a guider. I already have the DSI, the DSIF, and an antares 9x50 finder. The problem is the DSI does not reach focus with a diagonal on the finder, it also does not reach focus if i remove the diagonal.

it needs some extension (without the diagonal) to reach focus, right now i unscrewed the barrel of my meade 140 barlow and used it as an extension. however if someone has a cheap grotty even fungus-laden barlow, i could use the tube so i can reclaim my meade 140.

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Post by Chris »

Selling one for $30. Fits the description above.
It is a GSO 2x barlow. You'll have too collect it on saturday cause I am still an NSF.

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