Sneak peek : NEW Refractors from William Optics !

Here is the place for vendors to make their product annoucement.
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Sneak peek : NEW Refractors from William Optics !

Post by harlequin2902 »

Hi all,

William Optics has been hard at work since the end of last year, first introducing the successor to the Megrez 80 SD (the Megrez 80 II) and then a new Megrez 80 Fluorite APO.

Just over 6 months later, I am pleased to announce here on WO's behalf that there will be yet another four new (small) Refractors hitting the market soon.

A sneak peek for Singastro members :

1. 62mm f/6.5 Achromat
2. 62mm f/6.5 Fluorite APO

62mm OTA looks like this :

3. 80mm f/7 ED APO

4. yet another 80mm f/?? ??? APO ... rumoured to be the next big thing after Orion's 80mm ED APO ...

More information on all the above will be posted in detail on our website as soon as we receive them from WO themselves (confirmed retail price, specs, package contents, more pics etc...)

Samuel Ng

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Post by nF »

oh no... gold ah beng looks again?? seems like the taiwanese really love gold.
{O,o} O'RLY?

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Post by Airconvent »

also don't know why they love gloss....matt would have been better since they reflect lesser light and less lightly to scratch. nonetheless, I would suspect the optics would be quite good...

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