New lower pricing on TMB Supermonocentrics ! (SG only)

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New lower pricing on TMB Supermonocentrics ! (SG only)

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Hi all,

I'm pleased to present new and lower prices for the TMB Supermonocentric eyepiece series available through us - at the moment, these lowered prices are exclusive to our local market only !


TMB SUPERMONO 4mm S$385.00
TMB SUPERMONO 5mm S$385.00
TMB SUPERMONO 6mm S$385.00
TMB SUPERMONO 7mm S$385.00
TMB SUPERMONO 8mm S$385.00
TMB SUPERMONO 9mm S$385.00
TMB SUPERMONO 10mm S$385.00

TMB SUPERMONO 12mm S$435.00
TMB SUPERMONO 14mm S$435.00
TMB SUPERMONO 16mm S$435.00

Our prices already include shipping (Germany-Singapore).
(current US market pricing is US$225 / US$250, shipping extra)

More information can be found on TMB's website :

Thanks for looking.
Samuel Ng

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