McGill - Final Clarification:Vixen Official Distributor

Here is the place for vendors to make their product annoucement.
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McGill - Final Clarification:Vixen Official Distributor

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McGill - Final Clarification on Vixen Official Distributorship in Singapore & Other Promotions

Hi All,

Many thanks for the sincere feedback and constructive comments on the recent confusion surrounding the sales of Vixen brand telescopes in Singapore as posted in an earlier thread.

McGill’s official comments from Vixen HQ in Japan are as below:
Vixen ONLY sells its entire range of products through Official Distributors as listed on their website By buying from Official Distributors such as McGill C H, the customers will be guaranteed of the following:
1) Unlimited exchange of defective products (of course Vixen products are not that terrible!)
2) Fully-warranted product – 1 year from date of purchase
3) Promotions from time to time and FREE products for big quantities
4) Competitive pricing with reliable customer service
5) No-obligation testing of products before buying. We stock a wide variety of Vixen telescopes and related accessories.
6) Discounts on Vixen and other brand products when purchased together with a Vixen telescope from McGill in a single order
Terms and conditions apply for the above. Please call us @9456-6785 for queries.

Please note there is no obligation to provide FREE servicing or repair of Vixen products if you do not purchase from an Official Distributor such as McGill in the first place. Products would be sent to Vixen Japan for repair if condition is serious. Normally customers only need to pay for the shipping charges.

Come, let’s support Official Distributors as they strive to make a decent living by offering quality products and excellent services at attractive prices.

To celebrate McGill’s 5th-Year Anniversary (Wow!!! We’ve come a long way since 2002!!!), wonderful products will be on offer soon! Please check our website regularly, especially the Sales Items category.

To show our gratitude to local customers, especially to those who have a liking for Japanese products, we will offer at S$100 less than whatever PRINTED quotations you receive from other telescope dealers for Takahashi and Pentax telescopes and likewise, S$50 less for selected accessories of T and P brands, subject to stock availability from warehouse! For a limited period only!

For potential customers, it is McGill’s duty and responsibility to inform that the above 2 brands are parallel import items which we obtain from third party sources, thus product promotions from the Companies’ and Official Distributors’ websites may not be applicable for these items. However we do provide 30-day warranty. Kindly take note that repair fees may be quite substantial for the customer should the product be returned to the original factory for heavy-duty repairs.

Thank you for your time and let’s make Singapore a better place for stargazing!

Jim, on behalf of
Management, McGill C H.

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