Ylena 150 Mak-Cassegrain OTA

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Ylena 150 Mak-Cassegrain OTA

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This Brand Ylena personifies perfect highest russian optical quality.
This 6" Mak-Cassegrain offers best optical attributes as
Sital Optics with L/10 ptv vawefront at 632,8 nm
smooth focussing without shifting
coma corrected optics
small sizes and weight


More information about you can find here http://www.hoo-germany.de/produkt.php?prd=18
here you can find a image made with this scope http://www.hoo-germany.de/bilder/Mars_03.jpg
The telescope have 1,25" focusser where you can use all 1,25" acessories,
where for a specially planetary telescope you don´t need any 2" acessories..
- red-dot finder is onboard.
- padded soft case included
- dew shield (made of plastic) included
- mount dove tail included

Introductory price for this high-end 6" Mak-Cassegrain 1250 Euro
Shippingcost to Singapore (or neighbour State) 82 Euro (inshured)
Complete price 1332 Euro = 2598,45 S$

The Ylena telescopes are made in Russia, the optics is made by LOMO. Ylena telescopes are made in a small series,
this scopes can be seen as "juwels". The optic is handcorrected against Coma.

Clear skys
House of Optics Germany
e-mail: info(@)hoo-germany.de
Tel.: +49 2452 976144

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