WO new jewels

Here is the place for vendors to make their product annoucement.
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WO new jewels

Post by williamopticsmarketing »

William Optics is glad to announce the introduction of our latest refractors:

Megrez 90 APO:

http://www.william-optics.com/wowebs/pr ... tures0.htm
Following on the success of the 80 FD, even more "bang for the buck", and improved NEW mechanical features.

ZenithStar 110:

http://www.william-optics.com/wowebs/pr ... tures0.htm
A great 4" with a Triplet air-spaced lens designed by leading designer TMB at a great price

New accessories, such as the beautiful EAZY-Touch Alt-Az. Mount, made in Switzerland for WO, 100mm guiding rings, and much more!

http://www.william-optics.com/wowebs/pr ... od_acc.htm

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Post by Airconvent »

wow...nice range! The closest I can think of comparing with the WO90 would be the Tak Sky90...but price-for-performance wise, I guess the WO will beat the Tak hands down. Looking forward to the reviews for these new beauties..
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Post by kingkong »

when is a new WO GEM going to come.....?

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