Bargains for Sky-Watchers products

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Bargains for Sky-Watchers products

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Hello All,

I’ll be placing a fresh order for Sky-Watchers early next week.

As such, I was wondering if anyone is interested to buy any of its products. I can’t publish the price here, but I would be happy if you can pm me, and I’ll give you a quote.
The price I can offer to you would be slightly cheaper than if you were to order it directly from US or Canada. If you prefer and if there is sufficient orders, I will personally deliver the stuff to you at Mersing.
Some SW products that may of interest to you
1) 120mm F7.5 ED refractor
2) 180mm Mak-Cassegrain
3) HEQ5 PRO/EQ6 PRO mount
More products can be found here

There are also several new products that have just arrived early this Month.
1) 80mm F7.5 refractor with heavy duty video tripod. Many added features including retractable dew sheild. Accessories included are finderscope, diagonal, 2 1.25” eyepieces, extension tube and 2x barlow. (Please pm for price. Very low price!!)
2) 11mm and 16mm 1.25” UW 80deg eyepieces
3) 15mm and 30mm 2” UW 80deg eyepieces
4) DC28 eyepiece/adapter for your digital camera
5) EQ3 and EQ4 equivalent mounts

I have many other products and I am willing to let go at low price. Please pm and I’ll give you my lowest quote.

Thank you for your support.

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