Dealer needed for QHY CCD Imager

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Dealer needed for QHY CCD Imager

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This is the CCD Imager offered by Qiu HongYun. I am sure that some of you have heard about him. Now, I am helping him to look for reseller in Singapore, Malaysia as well as the other countries in South East Asia. Anyone who is interested can reply here or contact me via PM or email. Thanks for your interest! :)

Chip Sensor: ICX259AL ExView CCD (Mono)
Effective Pixel: 752*582 (4.4 Megapixels)
Pixel Size: 6.5um*6.25um
Exposure Range: 1/1000s to 10000s
AD: 16bit/pixel (0-65535ADU)
TEC: One stage,-30C below ambient
Support Binning: 2*2
Gain Control: 0-13dB
System Gain: From 0.5e-/ADU to 0.1e-/ADU
Readout Noise: 6-7e-
Anti-Amp blooming: Yes
Anti-Blooming Gate: Yes

Interface: USB 2.0 High speed
Download Speed: 600kpixel/s at normal speed, 6Mpixel/s at Preview and focus, live video mode(10fps)
Guide Port: Build in Standard 6PIN guide port
Mechanical interface: M42/0.75 Screw
Filter interface: M28.5/0.5 Screw
Size: 60*60*33(with no fan) or 60*60*45(with fan)
Supported Software: Astrowin,Easy Capture, MaximDL
Open SDK for supporting other software: Yes
Anti Fog Solution: Cold Finger+Room for silicon gel

Package List
Camera body
USB cable
12V1A TEC powersupply (Optional)
R/G/B color wheel (Optional)
R/G/B color filter (Optional)
Autoguide Cable (Optional)

This is an entry level CCD camera so there is a minimum order limit. :)
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