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how about having a page on the web which explains all about astronomy and maybe parts of a telescope and the differences of them . this might help lots of beginners in skygazing etc.

eg. a topic created called "Eyepiece" or "Light pollutions"

( Type all you know about the eyepiece or light pollution which would benefit those unsure about it. )

hows that? hope this would be helpful~ :)

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Post by swimaniac »

The information can be found in "SingastroWiki" here - ... /Main_Page
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Post by Zephyrus »

Yup, we already have that in the SingastroWiki. I remembered back in July, when I was comtemplating whether to purchase a pair of binoculars or not, I read up SingastroWiki. It gave a lot of useful information for newbies, and now I'm already getting my scope within 4 months of going into the hobby with just a pair of binoculars. (:

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