"Namecard" for Singastro

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"Namecard" for Singastro

Post by Gary »

It would be a pity if the general public enjoyed our astro sessions and would like to be attend future sessions but upon going back home, forgotten the name of our organisation.

I suggest we have a generic namecard to be distributed during public events so that they can look for us online. Just a simple design with a website address and perhaps a very brief intro about singastro.

Of course, these namecards should not be distributed indiscriminately but only to those who express some interest during the events.

We can upload a commonly approved softcopy namecard design and members can then feel free to print on their own and bring along for future public events.

So there is no need to impose on any one member to be responsible for the printing and distribution, or any related costs involved. Everyone can offer their help voluntarily based on their own freewill. :)

What do you guys think?

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Post by Clifford60 »

Haha, printed the "Singastro" namecard before to give to the management of Turf City before we use their place in the past.

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