Unboxing the Vixen SXP Mount

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Re: Unboxing the Vixen SXP Mount

Post by Astrosiao »

We spent some time on tues evening setting it up and aligning goto, etc.

Must say that the mount is ultra smooth. Balancing must be spot on because it's so well made it will show any imbalance unlike our CG-5s.

Lightweight tripod and mount are rock solid like....ahem...male porn star.

Starbook 10 is very swee. Machiam like ipad resolution.

BUT PRICE??? A bit ex for my taste.

Anyway, between myself and ck there is an understanding... " he buy, I try." hehe


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Re: Unboxing the Vixen SXP Mount

Post by cloud_cover »

Vixen always made good hardware. Its the software that's sometimes lacking.
No worries, wait a few years and used SXPs will appear on the market :)

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