Review of Vixen AGA-1 Autoguider System

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Review of Vixen AGA-1 Autoguider System

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Hi all, sorry to have so many posts in 1 day. Usually newcomers post more and production will decrease slowly, :lol:

After writing up the Nugget autoguider I think I should write about AGA guider since I am putting it up for sale.

The AGA mentioned in wucheeyin's sxw mount sale is my AGA.

The Vixen autoguiding system consists of the following parts:

1) AGA-1 guiding adapter (out of production since 1.5 years ago?)
2) LCD screen (NTSC)
3) CCD Video camera (Vixen color CCD video camera)

Basic principle: Video camera watches the star and send the signals to the AGA-1, AGA-1 sends guiding corrections to the autoguider port of SS2K or sphinx. Then the motors move accordingly until input from the video camera shows AGA-1 that it needs not make anymore corrections. However, the AGA-1 is constantly checking the need to make corrections.

(Actually the above is the principle for all autoguiders)

Good points about AGA:
1) Automated! Just centre the guide star near the crosshairs (created by AGA-1 on the LCD screen) and then it will centre the star and start guiding happily

2) No need laptop, so it works well in the field.

3) Very easy to use. Nothing much to set. Only need to set guiding speed in the controller of Sphinx or SS2K.

Bad points about AGA:

1) Guide stars up to around 4th mag only (in Singapore)

2) Different parts need power and vary in polarity as well. But I made a whole set of power cables for the AGA to be used with the usual Celestron Power tank.

3) Not suited for ST4 autoguider port output. (I can rewire AGA to talk to ST4 autoguider ports then mounts such as HEQ5, EQ6, EQ6 Pro can be used with AGA)

Ok, this is getting long-winded! See you all next time :lol:

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