12.5inch Obsession review

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Canopus Lim
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So.. who is going to get the 30incher? It just requires a big house, a trailer and a big car only. :lol:

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Hi Canopus,

thanks for the great review, I really enjoy reading it.
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Who needs a 30" if you can get a 63"?
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omg!! you need a cherry picker to hoist you up to the eyepiece!!! :shock:

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Err... this picture again??

Hmm... Please note that this thread is about the review on 12.5inch Obsession, not on "dream" scope, so please try not to go off topics.

Have a nice day.
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12 5inch Obsession review

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I watched it and i loved it. but i can never seem to find the lyrics for Shining Friends. = but anywayz it was great but it was sad to see 2 see 1 of the brothers die sobs

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