My Experience in Setting up the iEQ45 - 1. Box Contents

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Kevin: probably a Hydrogen-Alpha filter. That is an emission nebula after all...

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Post by gbealnz »

Thank you for the welcome.
It is an Ha shot as orly pointed out.
And "round here" is relative, I am in rural New Zealand.

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Yeah, rural NZ has a LOT less light than Singapore :)
I'm suprised even them a H-A filter is needed.
My very first time attempting star photography using standard camera lenses was on the beach in Hokitika and a farm driveway in Twizel :)

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Re: iEQ45

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gbealnz wrote:Alfred,
we should get our heads together, I have had mine since the start of the month, and it is quite a nice mount. I got it auto-guiding for the first time last night, after a guider failure.
All went well, I like it.
Hi Gary,

I saw your pix. Very nice. I'm new in this game. I hope to learn quickly before putting up my pictures. Cheers.


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