Recommendations for Newbie Telescope

For people new to astronomy who want to ask those questions that they were afraid to ask. Receive helpful answers here.
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Recommendations for Newbie Telescope

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Hi all,

I know this have been covered by some threads within the beginners section but most of them have been dated for close to a year back. So, i implore all seniors here to bear with me....

I did 2 years of astronomy during my poly days a (long) while back and have always been fascinated. I even collaborated with some of the seniors here (I see some familiar names, lol) previously. I will like to continue what i have left off after my poly days and continue this awesome hobby now.

I will like to ask for recommendations on a telescope for amateurs. I will rate portability over cost as i may consider bringing it overseas every now and then. But i also don't want to over commit since I am pretty much out of touch. I am not very technical since the last time i touched a telescope was quite some time back but i'm sure I can pick it up back fairly quickly. May also consider doing astrophotography from time to time.

I am not asking for you guys to do my research for me, but pointing me in the direction (by throwing out some recommendations) will greatly help me in deciding which one suits my needs the most.

Appreciate your help in advance!

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Re: Recommendations for Newbie Telescope

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I purchased a pair of binoculars around the time I started looking (after a long break), and have been quite pleased with them. Also most amateur astronomy things that I have read recommend binos and a book to get started in astronomy. For instance, I have been able to see Jupiter and a 2-3 of its moons, though not in any detail, just as points of light. I also got a night sky map app that has been great for finding objects to see with my binos. I think, that it would be much easier to take these with you than a telescope, especially considering that you travel overseas a lot.
But that's just my opinion.
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Re: Recommendations for Newbie Telescope

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A small refractor like WilliamOptics Zenithstar 61 will be a good one to start. I have one and carry it follows me everywhere. It is portable enough as a travel scope and good enough for astrophotography. You can always buy a 2” 2x Barlow to double the magnification for lunar or planetary observation. Using the 2x Barlow and Canon APS-C sensor will fits moon nicely about 80% of the frame size.
For the mount, iOptron Skyguider or Skywatcher Staradventurer can be a good start as you can use it with a normal photography tripod.
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