Need Assistance Selling My telescope

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Need Assistance Selling My telescope

Post by Grouchpotato »

Hi people,

About 2 years ago, I bought a set of Celestron Telescope at the store from science center. I had a lot of fun with it obviously, but after my daughter is born + Covid struck, I am now contemplating selling my scope so I can get a smaller one that is easier to handle and carry when I can go overseas again.

My problem is that I do not know how much my scope and mount is worth now? Where can I find a fair valuation?

Scope: Celestron C9.25 Advance GT OTA (91025 XLT)
Mount: Advanced AVX computerised Equtorial mount

I do not wish to sell my eyepiece and binoculus as I intend to use them with a new set of scopes

can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
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Re: Need Assistance Selling My telescope

Post by Bergkamp_ »

hi! You can always put it in the sale section in and in carousell.

The pricing of the 2nd hand items are very much depend on the conditions of the items, the past selling price as reference and the demand for it.

This is a serious set of telescope for astronomers. If you are looking for a smaller one for easy handling, you might want to look for a trade too. Best to mention what type of telescope (brand, type, etc) , this will shorten your process in finding the right fit for yourself.

If you like to discuss further on this, feel free to contact me. Cheers!
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Re: Need Assistance Selling My telescope

Post by TyraNoah »

How did everything go?
I also have some old machines that I want repaired and sold.
Don't know whether I will profit from that.
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