Omni XLT 120, 150 Refractor, 8" or 6" Newtonian

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Re: Omni XLT 120, 150 Refractor, 8" or 6" Newtonian

Post by Bomia » Mon May 25, 2015 8:16 am

antares2063 wrote:Hi Bomia,

150mm refractor (in your case the achro which is a f5...I think) and a 6in newt f5 seems to be overlapping . unless if you are getting a ISTAR 6" achro f10 or f15 please invite me to admire the scope ;)

Sure! we are also waiting for more suitable weather on weekends...because of work and family..past few nights have been totally overcast, till tonight it clears but its monday tmr...


I did a search on ISTAR 6" archo, it's a beast, but it is beautiful, really beautiful, but too long for me. Soooo poisonous...

So what do you think is a good match with the 150mm f5 refractor?

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