Any variable star observers group in Singapore?

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Any variable star observers group in Singapore?

Post by hhzhang »

Recently discovered the fun of observing variable stars. Came to know so many types of variable stars and every category have easily accessible targets even if you don't have a telescope but a camera -- and even if you cannot avoid the ubiquitous high level of light pollution on the island. The whole imaging setup can be very portable -- if, like my case, it does not require precise star tracking or long exposures.

I have started measuring the brightness of a select group of interesting objects and built an image processing chain of free software for photometry. And I am trying to use any clear night for making the measurement. It is fun and rewarding when you report to AAVSO and see your measurement in the light curve plot in the international database that is open to both professional astrophysics and amateurs.

I guess there are others sharing the same interest on the island. But my search on the internet could not yield any result. Maybe it is because I used the wrong keywords, or, these groups are private/closed?

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Re: Any variable star observers group in Singapore?

Post by Airconvent »

Hi hhzhang,
There are still a few avid astronomers here but many have their own little groups. Some regular sessions have been shutdown because the obs area is gone (due to new condos) or organisers have opted for more organised groups instead of doing it here. Astronomy is also competing with newer forms of distractions.

Remus organises monthly trips to Mersing to view the prestine (but deteriorating due to city light pollution) night views. He has stopped temporarily due to the current situation. Wait for him to resume once the situation becomes better. The Science Centre also has their Friday night sessions. Also not sure if Woodlands Galaxy CC still has theirs, I have no update for that region. Their named added a "Galaxy" due to their astronomy sessions when they first started. Anyone has update on that ?
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