FAQ for Beginners

For people new to astronomy who want to ask those questions that they were afraid to ask. Receive helpful answers here.
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Re: FAQ for Beginners

Post by bornfree »

This guy gives a good talk on how to get your first telescope.

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Re: FAQ for Beginners

Post by Gary »

bornfree wrote:This guy gives a good talk on how to get your first telescope.
Pink! Too distracting!

"While it's a lovely little telescope but it's probably not the one I would recommend for you as a first-timer". Moves refractor away. OUCH! [smilie=embarrassed.gif]

First time hearing the audience gasp softly when a truss dob extends! :)

Thanks for the video bornfree! Lots of useful info in the video.
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Re: FAQ for Beginners

Post by Sivakis »

Seeing a recent influx of new members and more questions on choosing scopes, I remembered stumbling across an interesting writeup a few months back:

How To Avoid The Agony When Buying Your First Telescope
http://soggyastronomer.com/the-agony-of ... telescope/

Doesn't really cover everything but is an interesting read nonetheless.

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