Hello, glad to have found this forum :)

For people new to astronomy who want to ask those questions that they were afraid to ask. Receive helpful answers here.
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Hello, glad to have found this forum :)

Post by Cheryl »

Hiya~~This is Cheryl. Newbie here, glad to have found a forum for Singapore astronomers :) I own a Celestron Firstscope 70 that my dad bought for me :oops: :oops: . Haven't been using it much since I dropped it and the lens cracked :cry: Hope to get more into this hobby since I have graduated, and hope to meet more people like-minded people :P :P Looking forward to learn more from you guys :P

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Post by weixing »

Welcome to SingAstro!! :D

Anyway, seem like your interest is not very Astronomy friendly... ha ha ha :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Have a nice day and hope you enjoy the forum.
Yang Weixing
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Post by mrngbss »

Wee Nghee the Pooh

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Post by boothee »

Hi Cheryl!

Welcome to Singastro Forum !!!

If you want to learn Astronomy, here is the right place for you. With my experience, Singastro members are very friendly and happy to help you understand that you want to know.

Have a nice day!

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Post by acc »

Welcome to Singastro Cheryl!
We do it in the dark...
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Post by Clifford60 »

Welcome welcome, Cheryl!

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Post by Sam Lee »

Welcome to SingAstro.
You can always join us during our regular friday session in the science centre observatory. Check out regular postings on the session !

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Post by jennifer1611991 »

Hiya Cheryl!! Welcome to singastro! hope to see you at some observation sessions:):):):):):)

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Post by Cheryl »

hahahaa~~ thanks for the warm welcome :D . This forum is amazing! I live at Jurong East, and I visited the Science Center observatory before. It has a big Pentax Cassegrain :shock: :shock:

err....sorry weixing i dun get what you mean. Excuse me for being slow. hahahaa~~

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Post by Airconvent »

Cheryl wrote:err....sorry weixing i dun get what you mean. Excuse me for being slow. hahahaa~~
he means because you broke your lens? :D
anyway, welcome to singastro...!
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