Help needed to repair Televu Panoptic eyepiece

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Help needed to repair Televu Panoptic eyepiece

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Hi guys, does anyone know how to fix back a 15mm televue panoptic? Wanted to do some cleaning and when i open it, it all fell out and i try and try but to no avail.. Please help!! [smilie=crying2.gif] [smilie=cool.gif] [smilie=crying3.gif] [smilie=beg.gif] There are 2 lens and 2 rings that fell..

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Re: Help needed to repair Televu Panoptic eyepiece

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actually....... I've had the fun of fixing one back before! [smilie=depressed2.gif]
Same issue, a friend unscrewed a 19mm panoptic and out fell the elements and spacers!

Its something like a Plossl:
"The "tree diagram" from Brayebrook Observatory shows 2-1-1-2. The doublets have steeply convex surfaces that face inwards (concave surfaces face outwards). The larger of the two doublets is closer to the field stop.

So, how to orient the two singlets in the middle? I don't know how accurate the picture is, but they likewise have their more steeply convex surfaces facing inwards, towards one another. The thicker of the two is closer to the field stop. "
From CN, ... in/4124081

That pretty much sums it up--two convex surfaces facing inwards towards each other with a spacer in between. If I recall correctly, there was a pencil marking on the spacer and lenses. Naturally, align them together so they form a line.

Hope this helps!

(If you aren't sure which ones I'm talking about you could take a picture of the pieces and I could describe better which goes where)

(Btw, here's a fun read! Just found it while searching for some diagrams to no avail... ... PIECES.pdf)

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