Clip Filtter for Canon 5D Mk2

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Clip Filtter for Canon 5D Mk2

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Help welcome.
I bought a 625 nm STC IR-UV Cut Clip filter (For Canon 5D Mk 2 IR mod Camera), last week from a HK dealer.
Unfortunately following problems noticed.
1. The width of filter body across the clips is 50 mm where as the width of the Sensor cavity is 40 mm. Filter does not go in.
2.The filter arrived in two pieces with the smaller Rectangular frame detached.
3. On the second attempted trial, the Filter glass also got detached from Main frame of Filter.

I do not know the sequence of these three parts for gluing them back. I mean is it like this. Bottom most part near to the (Camera sensor) , Main Frame of Filter, then the glass and finally, the smaller rectangular frame?
Does the filter glass have correct coated side facing the Camera Lens or any side can face it.
Finally , Which glue to be used?
All helps welcome.

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