Controllers for Skywatcher AzGti/AzGte mounts

Here is the place to talk about all those equipment(Telescope, Mounts, Eyepieces, etc...) you have. Not sure which scope/eyepiece is best for you? Trash it out here!
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Controllers for Skywatcher AzGti/AzGte mounts

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The SW AzGti mount uses the phone as a controller.
The pros are the phone has all the necessary GPS, date-time and alignment inputs, so setting up is easier.
But using a phone has its cons. In dark sites, your dark adaption can be destroyed instantly because although the app has night mode, the rest of the phone is still very bright.

The separate controller is the solution. Many have noticed that the controller for the Skywatcher and Orion are similar and some managed to use the cheaper Orion controller on the Skywatcher. I wrote to both companies helpdesk. Orion says they cannot confirm and I got no reply from SW.

Just to check if anyone here has successfully used an Orion controller on the Azigti mount?
Anyone knows if the Celestron Nexstar SE series hand controller is compatible also? At one point many years back, the Celestron and Skywatcher controllers were the same.
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