Cassini Essay Contest - Sec Sch / JC / Poly

Alright, this is for sharing of your observation experience. Or, if you are arranging gatherings, star-gazing expeditions or just want some company to go observing together, you can shout it out here.
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Cassini Essay Contest - Sec Sch / JC / Poly

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Hi all!


As many of you know, the Cassini Mission ends this year with the spacecraft plunging into Saturn's atmosphere on 15th September 2017.

It is thus also the last year that NASA/JPL will be holding the Cassini Scientist for a Day Essay Contest where students write an essay imagining how they would target the spacecraft if they had control of it. We have a local node in Singapore that runs the local contest, so if you are currently in Sec Sch / JC / Poly, or if you have kids / friends / students in this age group, please do participate!
Deadline: 14th April 2017

All participants also get to attend a LIVE Video Conference with a NASA Scientist and Engineer on May 27th, and we have NASA memorabilia vouchers and Astrobargains vouchers up for grabs as prizes :).

More details:

(P.S. If you want a reminder to submit closer to the date, PM me or reply in the comments and I can add you to a reminder mailing list!)
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