Mersing Trip - 23rd - 25th/26th June

Alright, this is for sharing of your observation experience. Or, if you are arranging gatherings, star-gazing expeditions or just want some company to go observing together, you can shout it out here.
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Mersing Trip - 23rd - 25th/26th June

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Hi there! I think it's my first time doing up a trip report for a Mersing trip. To be fair, this is my 2nd trip to Mersing officially, on and off I have chionged down to Mersing for a day with a friend. So, here goes nothing!

The turnout for this month's trip was 19, quite a small group, but not too big either. This trip consisted of a lot of newcomers to the hobby, including a family, a couple, 3 photographers, the others are no strangers to the hobby. The imagers consists of Remus, Chee Guan and the other guys from NTU, there was only 2 set ups used for visual. I can't remember the models off the top of my head, so pardon me for that.

The first night was clear from the start from about 8pm to 10pm but afterwards, clouds rolled in and we had to stop obbing/imaging for the night and went to bed, periodically waking up to check on the weather but to no avail.

The 2nd night, Remus gave a talk, mainly targeted at the newcomers on some tips of visual seeing, how to see the constellations, and what to expect for the night and what we can expect to see if the night is clear later on(which it was). After a scrumptious dinner, it was nightfall and the stars came out to play, it was much clearer as compared to the first night and the newcomers were treated with the sight of M6 (Butterfly Cluster), M7, Ring Nebula, Swan Nebula, M8, M20 and many other objects. They utilised the knowledge they had gotten from the talk earlier to aid in their seeing of fainter objects like the Ring Nebula.


Image credit to Remus

Now you must be thinking, how come there is a '/26th' in the title, it's because some of us decided to stay for 1 more night. The forecast said it would be clear for most of the night. Butttt, I supposed we are all at the mercy of Murphy's Law, and it poured down like it was a waterfall right outside the chalet, with such strong winds that we thought the tripods of the imaging set ups might topple over! It was a scared for the 4 of us. Lucky for us, the sky cleared up at about 1.30am, but the clear skies did not last for long as clouds rolled in and we headed back to bed to prepare for the ride home later on in the

Thanks to Remus for organising this trip!

P.S I'm not in the group photo because I was snoozing away. Oops!
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Re: Mersing Trip - 23rd - 25th/26th June

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Welcome to Singastro and glad you enjoyed your trip to Mersing!

BTW, your photo is not showing. Pls ensure it is linked to a picture file. If you need to log on, chances are we will not be able to see if if we are not logged on to your account.
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