List of Observation Reports

Alright, this is for sharing of your observation experience. Or, if you are arranging gatherings, star-gazing expeditions or just want some company to go observing together, you can shout it out here.
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List of Observation Reports

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Here's a list of the Observation Reports that have been posted here, organised alphabetically. Mods, pls help to update if you can! :)

Observing planets with large aperture scopes:

Mersing Trip, 29th July 2006

Observing the craterlets in Plato (7th Sept 2006)

Mersing Comet Watch 04 (Part 1) - Long, Mersing Comet watch was organised by Singastro to chase the 2 comets Neat Q4 and Linear T7, May 23rd 2004

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