Dark spots in Singapore

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Dark spots in Singapore

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Does anyone know any dark spots in Singapore that are good for astrophotography and stargazing? Thanks in advance! :mryellow:

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Re: Dark spots in Singapore

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Hi TriiodideFrog.
Do check out our FAQ section. Unfortunately, many of the "Dark" sites have all but disppeared. You can try some dark spots in Punggol and one favourite location is Dempsey Hill. But for astrophotgraphy, you can still take good shots under city light. Generally Changi is a good area as there seems to be lesser clouds over there :)
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Re: Dark spots in Singapore

Post by hhzhang »

It is really difficult to find a place in Singapore that has clear 360-degree views mostly away from streetlights or other sources of light pollutions.

Kranji Park Car park B. Too many trees. Less light pollution towards the west.

Bahtera Track deep in Lim Chu Kang: less affected by lights (this dirt road is unilluminated) but the low-altitude skies are mostly blocked by the tall plantations. Better views towards the west.

Eastern ends of East Coast Park (NSRCC, National Sailing Centre, etc...) -- unblocked views in the directions from east to south. Other directions are all terribly light-polluted.

Changi Beach Park -- better views towards north and east; blocked views/terrible light pollutions in other directions

But recently I found a nice place that lets you have a 360-degree clear view of the skies -- and some relatively darker skies to the north and to the north-east. It is a large open flat field. https://goo.gl/maps/csjvoLuuTJKgwWiTA

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