Geminids meteor shower anyone?

Alright, this is for sharing of your observation experience. Or, if you are arranging gatherings, star-gazing expeditions or just want some company to go observing together, you can shout it out here.
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Okay cool thanks very much! I'll be in a rural, frequent blackouts kinda of place so dark, clear skies ahead!!!:) Thanks again!:)

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It doesn't really matter whether it's 13th or 14th. Meteor showers just mean the frequency of meteors is higher, and the "peak" is just a gauge of when it's "highest", when it could be as high a day before and a day after the supposed peak. Frequency rises and falls as a gentle slope through the days, as long as you have a rough gauge of date it you definitely will be able to catch meteors.

Since NTU astro is already organising one, I'll be joining them instead, if i still have the energy left.. I have a competition on Friday!
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Hi folks:

Gems shortly pass midnight Dec 15. Visually they are pretty too!
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Hi all
I'm from Sai Gon, VietNam.
My club had a meteor night on 14th Dec.A great meteor rain !
Althought it wasn't a clear sky, over 40 could be seen from 23 h to 1:30 am (15/12).



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