Shanghai Eclipse July 09

Alright, this is for sharing of your observation experience. Or, if you are arranging gatherings, star-gazing expeditions or just want some company to go observing together, you can shout it out here.
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You're most welcome Starfinder.

I took the Subway (line 1- Red color) to the Xinzhuang Rd. station (end of line one), and from there I walk outside to the bus station, to take the hospital bus (note: this a special bus straight to the hospital only).
I'm sure there is another bus to downtown Jinshan or the beach area, but i don't know which one (sorry).

Last year I went to the Jinshan area beach with my friends and we rented a minivan (quite easy to find) to go there from our location (Fudan Univ. area in Yangpu District). It took us about 1.5-2 hrs to get there.

here's Shanghai subway/metro map, it would probably come handy later.
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Hi Chris,

Heh ok long time no see, and long time no post here either. I hope to be in China for the eclipse too (actually to be in China for another program that ends on 19th July, then I'll just stay on), and I will also have to fly back on 22nd July. I'll find a way to meet up with you and the rest somewhere near Shanghai then! :)


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Hey I desperately wanna go to see this one. Is there anyone organising a trip over?
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I will be in Hangzhou for the eclipse. Cheaper flights lah (Airasia from HZ to KL, many ways to get back from KL). If anyone else is planning to be there, let me know! We can meet somewhere along the West Lake (西湖) :)

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West Lake is quite big, you must indicate the actual place.

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Ok I saw this 2009 eclipse was posted elsewhere but I think it would be more appropriate to post my reply here...

I have booked my flight to Hangzhou for the eclipse. Perhaps for those who are going to Hangzhou, we can keep in touch and maybe ob together for the eclipse.
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I'll be going to China for this eclipse. For now, I'm still exploring my options for the observing locations - Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Jinshanwei. Is anyone considering Suzhou? Btw, does anyone know how much it costs to rent a car in Hangzhou or Shanghai?

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Sorry guys - can't join you in Hangzhou. I'll be in Shanghai and trying my luck from the JinShanWei beach area.

Let me know if anyone else is in Shanghai and wants to tie up.

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No intention whatsoever to conduct a threadjacking but i figured since you guys are all talking about seeing the eclipse in Shanghai i wanted to share with you my project that i'm working on.

Hope you interested parties can all take a look and join us.

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Hi all,

I'm going to Shanghai for the eclipse.

I'm not usually into astro-photography, so I don't really have the proper gear to take good photos. So I will have to try my luck with this rig:
Nikon D70 + Nikkor 200/4 +TC-200

Still looking for:
Full aperture solar filter
Sturdy tripod (intend to buy in Shanghai)

I did a lot of research on the hotels, and all the hotels I called to in Jinshan are either fully booked or they don't speak English.

I read that Fred Espenak will be in Shanghai, and his tour group will actually watch the eclipse from the rooftop of their hotel.

So I ended up booking the Ramada Sino Bay, which is just a few km east of Jinshan. if anyone else plan to stay there, please drop me a PM!


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