Any recommendations for astro track mount for digi camera?

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jia siang
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Any recommendations for astro track mount for digi camera?

Post by jia siang » Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:56 pm

Hi greetings singastronians, having own a dslr nikkon d5300 and nikon p900, I read that the vixen polarie mount is a cheap option track mount for long exposure astrophotography. Having sold my telescope years ago due to lack of usage / bulky and polluted sky in singapore, my interested is revived when I heard about the vixen polarie mount.
Has anyone use the mount before? Is it a pleasure to use? Where can I get this mount in singapore? Can the mount track planets so that I can use my nikon p900 too ( it's a super zoom camera) to track and photo planets? Having no experience of tracking mount before, I only use a fixed mount.
Please advise. Thank you!

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Re: Any recommendations for astro track mount for digi camer

Post by chancy_sg » Thu Jul 14, 2016 9:22 pm

HI JiaSiang, there are quite a few options for simple camera tracking. Polarie is one of them and is a simple to use and portable setup. If you want to, can see if a used one comes up for sale. Alternatives to this are similar style devices such as SWAT, skymemo, nanotracker just to name a few. An alternative design is the 'barn door' type such as Astrotrac. All basically do the same thing but the quality and accuracy and price varies widely. So you have many options to fit your requirements.
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