2020 Astrophotography In Review

CCD vs Film? Lots of time vs no patience? Alright, this is your place to discuss all the astrophotography what's and what's not. You can discuss about techniques, accessories, cameras, whatever....just make sure you also post some nice photos here too!
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2020 Astrophotography In Review

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A compilation of my images from 2020. Also my first year in Astrophotography, quite a learning curve.

My personal favorite images from the past year. All captured from Singapore, a Bortle 8 zone, with a stock Sony A6000 mirrorless camera. Most DSOs are taken with the Samyang 135mm at F2.0. The Redcat51 is used for lunar and planetary images, my longest lens.

The objects from top left to bottom right are:

1. M31 - Andromeda Galaxy
2. M16 and M17 - Eagle and Omega Nebula
3. M8 and M20 - Lagoon and Trifid Nebula
4. M27 - Dumbbell Nebula, M71 Cluster and the Sagitta Constellation
5. M22 and M25 Clusters
6. M42, M43, NGC2024, IC434, Sh2-279 - Orion's Belt
7. M42 - Orion Nebula
8. M11 - Wild Duck Cluster
9. Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex
10. Strawberry Moon
11. Waxing Crescent Moon
12. The Christmas Star - Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

Hoping to have more clear skies in 2021.

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Re: 2020 Astrophotography In Review

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Good effort and progress, celeron797...keep it up! :)
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Re: 2020 Astrophotography In Review

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Well done for 2020! Wish you a happy 2021 astrophotography journey!

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