Preliminary image of Lagoon Nebula

CCD vs Film? Lots of time vs no patience? Alright, this is your place to discuss all the astrophotography what's and what's not. You can discuss about techniques, accessories, cameras, whatever....just make sure you also post some nice photos here too!
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wanted to...infact, almost wanted to cycle down, but had a case of bad knee... shooting the lagoon was in the wee hours though...had to wait until it was high enough and cleared from the surrounding trees... maybe the next session?
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Tachyon wrote:You mean monochrome? It's because the picture's taken in one wavelength - Hydrogen alpha. That's in the red part of the spectrum, so no green or blue in this picture.

Yes! Monochrome! *still very new* :oops: Thanks, Tachyon!

Now I know why it's the "Preliminary Image". Hmm... it rang a bell :idea: about the centauri pic u took @ tampines... it was red too (on your notebook). Anyway... There's more to read up on...
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